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Cheese & Dairy Products - Stymfalia SA

Thursday 13 December 2018


Myzithra is a traditional type of cheese. It is made from sheep's and goat's whey with the addition of fresh milk.

It has a salty and spicy taste.
It is mainly used with pasta. It is a low-fat cheese that, thanks to the absence of moisture, can be stored for a long period of time without its taste been affected.

Packaging Vacuum
Type Cheese
Ideal for Grated on pasta 
Milk Goat
Taste Spicy, Sweetish
Other Characteristics Maintain long due to the low moisture


Are there traditional products?

Some products have more stories to tell than others. Where do they come from, how are they produced, how are they prepared, what secrets do they hide? All this know-how as well as the tradition that characterizes them are worth preserving. We here at STYMFALIA, are proud to produce Feta Zireias. Enjoy is as a table cheese, make a traditional cheese-pie, even use it in modern dishes and surprise everybody. Dare unique tasty combinations and create special culinary delights with Feta Zireias PDO.

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Now, Feta Zireias is PDO.

The Greeks' favourite cheese, now bears the name and guarantee of STYMFALIA. With a name closely linked to Greek tradition, Feta Zireias complements the variety of traditional products of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) of the dairy industry STYMFALIA. In the traditional cheese factory of STYMFALIa, at the feet of Zireia and under the care and supervision of its people, Feta Zireias is produced, from 100% fresh sheep's and goat's milk of free range sheep and goats and with strict quality control. Thus, Feta Zireias is a high quality product that reaches your table with the genuine, traditional flavour and rich aroma that we all love, in numbered packaging, like all authentic PDO products.

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